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What is depression money or scrip?

    Depression scrip was used during the depression era of the 1930's as a substitute for government issued currency.  Because of the banks closing temporarily and the lack of physical currency, someone had to come up with another form of currency to keep the economy going and a way for trade to continue.  Therefore the old idea of  local currency was reborn.  Paper, cardboard, wood, metal tokens, leather, clam shells and even parchment made from fish skin was used.  At one point, the U.S. Government considered issuing a nation wide scrip on a temporary basis.  But that idea was quickly shot down by the Secretary of the Treasury  William H. Woodin.  Instead, the  U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing was tasked with increasing their printing of new Federal Reserve notes.  Take a look at the different categories under the picture archive heading to the left to see the hundreds of different forms of depression money and scrip.

Click on the what is depression scrip link at the left for a more detailed
description about depression money.

SCRIP vs. SCRIPT - Which one is right?

The spelling SCRIP is the correct usage.  SCRIP, as defined by the dictionary, is:

1 - A short writing (as a certificate, schedule, or list).
2 - Any of various documents used as evidence that the holder or bearer is entitled to receive something (as a fractional share of stock or an allotment of land).
3 - Paper currency or a token issued for temporary use in an emergency.

SCRIPT, as defined by the dictionary, is:

1 - Something written, an original or principal instrument or document such as a manuscript.
2 - The written text of a stage play, screenplay, or broadcast; specifically the one used in production or performance.
3 - A style of printed letters that resembles handwriting or written characters.
4 - A plan of action.

Both spellings of SCRIP and SCRIPT can be found printed on the many different forms of
depression money issued during the 1930's.

Latest News / Changes:

Updated the Utah depression scrip page to the new format.  Also updated it to include all known issues for Utah.

Updated the My Hometown Post Cards to the new format.  Now pictures open like they should.  Also made some minor changes to the Modern Local Currency section.  Getting ready to scan and add some more currency to this section..

I also started adding entries for all known depression scrip to some pages like the Arizona and Hawaii pages for example.  This way everyone knows what's possible, but I don't have pictures yet because they aren't part of my collection or I haven't scanned them yet.  But I'm workikng on that...

I also updated the New Mexico depression scrip page as well.  These are tough to come by and I was lucky enough to find a complete set from a very good friend.  I've slowly been buying his collection over the last few years.  These notes are rarely pictured on the internet or anywhere and this is probably the only place where you can see the full set.

Website has been successfully moved to a new host.  I don't think there are any broken links, but if anyone finds any, let me know.  Now I'm back to doing updates on the site.  I have alot of new pictures to add and lots of ideas to add more content.  Stay tuned....

WEBSITE IS MOVING...  You might see broken links temporarily..

Updated all of the Modern Local Currency pages to the new format.  There's still alot of the modern scrip that is not pictured.  If anyone has any they can send me scans of or if anyone has any they want to sell, just email me.

Updated more pages.  Most of the main pages are done now.  There are still alot of pages in sub directories that haven't been updated yet. Still working through it...

Changed some more pages to the new layout / color scheme.  Still alot more to do as there will still be alot of broken links.  As always, if you have any depression scrip that you want to sell or just want to share, just send me an email anytime.

Finally doing the long awaited update to my website.  I'm rewriting alot of the web pages and updating the look of the site.  So bare with me as there are bound to be numerous broken links and missing info during the changeover.  There's alot more to change and add along with two new sections - Play Money and My Hometown Post Cards.  I also have a large collection of pickers chits to add to the site.  They will be listed under the Cardboard Tokens section.  I'm still very much an active collector as I have a ton of new material to add to the site.  I've got plenty to keep me busy for quite some time...more of a retirement project than anything...

Yes, this site has been temporarily shuttered.  It's time I did some updates and added some new sections to the site.  I have alot of new material to add and will be doing so over the next few months.  But first I need to clean up some errors and broken links that are already here.  I also want to come up with a whole new color scheme to make the site easier to read.  Once that's done, then I will start adding new and additional content.  I have alot of notes to add so stay tuned....

This website is temporarily being shuttered.  All content will remain and the site will remain as is until I can find the time to get back to doing updates.


It's been a long day
scanning more notes....

I've added 70 more examples of depression scrip to the picture archive.  Here's what's new this time around:

County of Atlantic, New Jersey
Boone, Iowa
Newark, New Jersey
Belleville, New Jersey
Garfield, New Jersey
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Passaic County, New Jersey
West New York, New Jersey
Long Branch, New Jersey
Westville, New Jersey
Middlesex County, New Jersey
Paterson, New Jersey
Hackensack, New Jersey
Bergen County, New Jersey
Pleasantville, New Jersey
Camden, New Jersey
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
De Pere, Wisconsin
Beloit, Wisconsin
Racine, Wisconsin
Superior, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Easton, Pennsylvania
West New York, New Jersey

I've also added 73 more notes to the modern scrip page:

Basel, Switzerland
York University, Canada
Noney Money
Enid, Oklahoma
Millenium Dollars
Excelsior, Minnesota
Graz, Austria
Schrems, Austria
Wannado City Dollars

I've added 71 more examples of depression scrip to the picture archive.  It's mostly Wisconsin and New Jersey.  Here's what's new:

Chicoutimui, Canada
Riviere du Moulin, Canada
State of North Dakota Scrip
Waco, Texas
Olympia, Washington
Salt Lake City, Utah
Dallas, Texas
Wenathchee, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Tenino, Washington
Walla Walla, Washington
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Laramie, Wyoming
Granite Falls, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Baraboo, Wisconsin
De Pere, Wisconsin
Janesville, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Superior, Wisconsin
State of North Dakota
West Orange, New Jersey
Secaucus, New Jersey
Paterson, New Jersey
Monroe, New Jersey
Garfield, New Jersey
Westville, New Jersey
Camden, New Jersey
County of Atlantic, New Jersey
Ventor City, New Jersey
Atlantic City, New Jersey

I've also updated a few scans as well as adding the scans of some backs that were missing.  There are a lot more notes to add so check back often.

I've added 51 more examples of depression scrip to the picture archive. Here's what's new:

Bristow, Oklahoma
Salt Lake City
Mena, Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Bowling Green, Kentucky
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Paterson, New Jersey
Phoenix, Arizona
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Gloversville, New York
Kansas City, Missouri
Panther Valley - Pennsylvania
Scranton - Pennsylvania
Marquis, Canada
Orillia, Canada
Kitchener, Canada
Alberta Province, Canada
Ottawa, Canada

I also added a very rare and newly discovered set of notes from Peoria, Illinois.  Thanks to Patty for letting me add them to this site.  They were printed by her grandfather Albert Ernsberger at his printing shop - Ernsberger Printing Company.  Which was located at 302 First Street, Peoria, Il.  Thanks again to Patty for sharing a unique piece of history with us.

There are a lot more notes to add so check back often.

I fianlly finished the remainder of the detailed info for the text descriptions of the depression scrip notes.  Here's the latest list of states I've recently updated:

New York
New Jersey

Thank goodness that's done.

I added two new sections, Dividend Coupons and Refund Checks to the Other Scrip page.  And I added another 23 notes to the same page as well.  I also added another note to the Panic of 1907 page too.

Lastly, I added a 24 more notes to the Modern Local Currency page:

Humboldt Currency
Lewes Pound
Totnes Pound
Basel - Switzerland
Eugene, Oregon
Disney Dollars
Sauk County - Wisconsin
Wayne State University - Michigan
Toronto, Canada

Now it's on to adding more depression scrip notes.  I have quite a few scanned in and ready to add to the site.  But that's for the next update.

More of the detailed info for the text descriptions of the depression scrip notes has been updated.  Here's the latest list of states I've updated:

South Carolina
North Carolina

One of the things I didn't realize was the $1 Enterprise Oregon note pictured on this site is unique.  I always thought it was the common series D.  But it's actually Series B which was reported as a planned issue, but never created.  Well, that's changed now.  Amazing the number of details that are still not known about depression scrip to this day.  That just makes collecting all that more fun.

I also created a District of Columbia page.  Why I never created one originally, I don't konw.  It was the only state not listed.  Thanks for pointing that out John.

Lastly I added more text descriptions to the Other Scrip page and added a couple more notes to the miscellaneous section.

Just a small update.  Updated alot of the text descriptions for the depression scrip on the following states.  The MS # refers to the reference # in the Mitchell / Shafer (MS#) book Standard Catalog of Depression Scrip of the US published in 1984.  This is the only and most current catalog for depression scrip other than this website.

South Dakota
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
West Virginia

Fixed some other minor text issues as well including the pictures on the Who Printed Depression Scrip page that wouldn't display properly.  I've also moved some other notes around that were in the wrong section such as the Wilmore Kansas auction scrip notes.  They are now located on the Other Scrip page.  Now that the holidays are over, more updates will be coming soon...It's a never ending list of things to do and update on this site...

More good stuff...lots more pics added to the picture archive.  Here's what's been added:

Little Rock, Arkansas
Creede, Colorado
State of Georgia
Chicago, Illinois
Fort Worth, Texas
Lake Placid, New York
Des Moines, Iowa
Erie County, Pennsylvania

I've added a very special note as well.  The $1 note from Western Industrial Pioneers, Inc of Portland, Oregon.  Since 1966, this note has been known, but never seen.  Wether or not it actually existed was still speculation except for an auction catalog in 1966, but it had no picture.  Well, I can offically say that it does exist and here is the note:  Portland Oregon.  This is quite possibly a one of a kind note.

I also added another note to the Panic of 1907 section.

Lastly, I've added some more pictures to the Modern Scrip picture archive.  Here's what I've added so far:

Basel, Switzerland
Burlington, Vermont
Barrington, Massachusetts
Madison, Wisconsin
Traverse City, Michigan
Ithaca, New York
Hood River, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon

Finally..all the depression scrip pages have been updated to the new format.  Now it's time to add all the descriptive text.  I've also added more notes to the for sale section.  Mostly just common items for now until I have more time to go through things and scan some more notes.  I also added some more notes to the picture archive including some hard to find notes:

Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Richmond, Virginia
Harvey, Illinois
Bay City, Michigan
State of Louisiana
Clallam County, Wahington
Linden, Washington
State of Georgia
Chula Vista, California
Crescent City, California

I've also updated all the missing thumbnails for the backs of the scrip.  There shouldn't be any of those missing now, except for ones I haven't scanned yet.  I've also recently purchased a collection of 81 different printers Specimen issues.  The majority of these are from New Jersey.  I also purchased a collection of scrip and paperwork for the Todd Printing Company.  Lots of great items in there as well.  Lastly, I added more savings checks to the Other forms of Scrip page.

I'm also now down to 5 states that I don't have examples from...almost there....

Stay tuned, a lot more yet to update and add to the site...

Well, sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I know I've told several people that I was going to make some major updates over the long holiday weekend.  But, unfortunately my Mother lost her battle with her heart problems just before Thanksgiving.  So, things have come to a halt while I deal with that.  I always knew it was true that you truely don't appreciate what you have until it's gone.  The old saying about living for today and not tomorrow is so true...

But, things are starting to get back on track and now I need to find something to help occupy my time again.  I've decided that my work on this website is now dedicated to the memory of my mother.  And after looking through alot of family pictures, I found my favorite one.  I've added it to the About Me page.  I miss you Mom and I will think about you every day...

Here's a list of the latest changes:
  • Added the 1st and 2nd issues of the Food Stamp Change Newsletter
  • Updated the format for the Canada / Europe depression scrip section
  • Updated the list of Modern Local Currency.  Now just to start scanning the hundreds of notes and getting them on the site...
  • Changed all of the US States depression scrip pages to the new format except for three states.  Now I just have to go back and add in all the details and missing pictures as well...
  • Updated the For Sale section with both common and rare notes for sale

    More changes coming soon over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

  •   11.16.2008
    Lots of new things added this time around.  I've added two new sections to the picture archive.  Food Stamps / Scrip and Modern Local Currency.  Both of which are sections I've meant to add for some time now.  There's not much there yet.  I will also be adding a very special piece of history to the Food Stamp section.  Starting in April of 1980, Jerry Schmimmel use to publish the Food Stamp Change Newsletter.  There were 17 issues and 3 supplements published in all.  With Jerry's permission, all of these rare newsletters will be posted on this site.  There's lots of great info in there for the food stamp collector.  THANK YOU Jerry for sending me the missing newsletters for my collection and your permission to share them here with everyone.

    Lots and lots of scrip is coming...  I've still been buying off and on.  I've also come accross quite a few nice items and collections I've purchased lately.  As I add them, I will announce them.

    Also, as a side note.  I'm not the best web page writer in the world.  So this site works very well with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.  But some of the newer browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefow have trouble displaying it as I intended.  Once I get some of the updates done, then I will start working on it to make it more compatible accross the board.

    Other changes made:
  • Added a whole new way of displaying images.  click on any note and see what I mean.  To get the picture to go away, click on the close link at the bottom right of the picture or click on the webpage, just off the edge of the picture.
  • Moved the Disney Dollars to the Modern Local Currency section
  • I've also added alot more descriptive text for each note as well
  • Added a few more lines to the timeline as well as fixed some of the links
  • I also added more the the About me page
  • And yes, I FINALLY added a FOR SALE page.  I didn't think I would ever offer a for sale page because I never intended to go that route.  I'm strictly a collector at heart.  But, after several years, I have extra notes that I use for trading.  It's about time I just offer them up for sale to help fund my collection and pass them on to other collectors.
  • Stay tuned for more changes coming....

    And yes, there are alot of broken links and missing pictures.  That will all get fixed in the next week or so.  Keep emailing me though when you see something not working right.  Even though I try to check everything when I make changes, I can still easily miss a link or two.

  •   10.30.2008
    YUP...I'm back !!!  Yes, I know - FINALLY.  It's about time I update this website.  It's been over a year.  I've been collecting off and on, but just not adding it to the site.  So, I'm finally in the process of making some major changes that I have intended to do for along time, just haven't done it.  Over the next few weeks, don't be surprised if links don't work off and on as well as pictures missing here and there.  I'm also going to go back and rescan some of my first notes.  I didn't have the scanner settings just right when I first started so there's some notes that definatley need to be scanned again.

    So be patient, lots of great updates coming in the next few weeks.  Feel free to keep emailing me with any info or questions you have.

      05.25.2007 - Part 1
    Another large update to the site.  Sorry I haven't been updating the site like I should, but something else always seems to take up my time.  The ongoing hunt for depression money still takes high priority though.  I'll never ignore that one.  I've taken a shot at catching up from last summer so a lot more depression scrip has been added.  Here's what's been added with this update:

    Nebraska - 2
    New Jersey - 12
    Ohio - 30
    Washington - 11
    Iowa - 2
    Michigan - 87
    Alabama - 2
    California - 1
    Georgia - 1
    Idaho - 2
    Illinois - 3
    Massachusetts - 1
    Maine - 2
    New York - 3
    Oklahoma - 1
    South Dakota - 1
    Tennessee - 1
    Wisconsin - 10
    Missouri - 1
    Pennsylvania - 1
    Kansas - 5
    Wyoming - 1

    That brings the Number of known issues in the picture archive to 782.  I also added another note to the Panic of 1907 section.

    The note from Harvey Illinois is courtesy of Neil Shafer and is very rare.  It's also a very unique note.  It was originally issued as a $1 note and then redeemed and re-issued as a $0.25 cent note.  This is the only note issued like this known to date.  Thanks again Neil for letting me add this note to the website!

    Thanks also goes to David Gladfelter for a wonderfull New Jersey collection trade.  There are so many New Jersey issues and David and I worked out a mutual trade to help each others New Jersey collections.  Thanks again David!

    I've also added a rare presentation set of the State of Wisconsin depression scrip.  Presentation notes had the serial numbers ending in the same two digits.  In this case, all four of the notes in the presentation set end in 41.

      05.25.2007 - Part 2
    I've added quite a few links to the links section.  Including several links for local currencies both past and present.

    I've also added 3 more documents to the letters webpage of the Memorabilia section.  One of the documents is the meeting minutes of Thomas A. Edison Inc. authorizing depression scrip to be issued.  It's signed by the sons of Thomas Edison - Thomas Edison Jr., and Charles Edison.  A very unique and rare piece of history.

    Also, the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, through Wayne Homren, publishes a weekly Internet email magazine called the E-Sylum.  There 's a ton of great information from fellow numismatic collectors of all types in it. And it comes in a convenient weekly email if you choose the batch option when subscribing.  All subscribers are welcome to ask any question on numismatics.  My question on food stamp tokens was answered in 24 hours.  Some of the most respected people in numismatics are part of this email list.  Where else can you get access to so much knowledge and helpfullness from so many people so easily?  If you don't subscribe to The E-Sylum, I strongly suggest you do.  Just tell Wayne that Rod from Depressionscrip.com sent you.

    Lastly, I've added another article to the References and Articles section.  This one is titled "Some Unlisted New Jersey Depression Scrip" by David D. Gladfelter, NLG. It's a brief but very informative article about some previously unknown New Jersey depression scrip.

    Just a minor update, I've changed the Who Printed Depression Scrip section.  I've also added thumbnails and re-wrote the page with a few more details.

    I've also added 14 ice signs to the coupon books picture archive.  Just scroll down the page and you will see them.

    Lastly, I added the printing plate from Brantford, Ontario, Canada to the Memorbilia section.  This is still an unknown depression scrip note from the 1930's.  No actual notes have been found as of yet.  Thanks goes to Larry Wightman for giving me permission to publish pictures of the plate and letting us see a very rare piece of history.

    Another large and well rounded update to the website.  I've added 49 more scans to the picture archive.

    Illinois - 9
    Kansas - 1
    New Jersey - 8
    Rhode Island - 1
    Missouri - 2
    Ohio - 9
    Iowa - 2
    Oregon - 1
    Michigan - 5
    Minnesota - 2
    Washington - 4
    New York - 2
    Florida - 2
    Canada / Europe - 1

    Some of the highlights include a rare Township of Monroe, New Jersey error note that has an offset print.  What's even more amazing is this note was issued, circulated and then cashed in and cancelled.  Thanks go to Claud and Judith Murphy for selling me this one.

    Some of the other highlights include recently discovered notes from Golconda Illinois, Wilmette Illinois, Steele Missouri, and 3 notes from Nokomis, Illinois.  These six notes were previously unknown to collectors of depression scrip.  Thanks to Chris Hudson for digging these out of storage and selling them to me.

    Another rare addition is two letters from Sherrif  I.J. Hudson Sr. of Mound City, Illinois.  One letter is a request for the previously unknown notes from Nokomis, Illinois.  The other letter is from Minneapolis Minnesota.  The Minneapolis letter brings up another newly discovered unknown fact.  The $1 scrip from the Organized Unemployment Inc signed by Dr. Geo. Mecklenburg, founder, is only 1 of 150 notes he personally signed.  Too bad the note isn't in better condition.  That's O.K., the historical significance far outweighs it's condition.

    I've also added a new section to the References and Articles section.  It's a running list of books that I'm looking to buy.  If anyone out there has a book from this list and is willing to sell it to me, just email me what you're asking price is along with the condition of the book.  I would prefer a picture as well.  If needed, I'm willing to work out a deal to trade some depression scrip if wanted.

    Now back to scanning.  I've recently bought a large Michigan collection.  There's some great notes coming in the next web update including more rare notes...

    Some more minor changes.  I've updated all the color schemes on the pages so they all match now.  Too many years of making changes here and there to experiment.  I've also changed all the City listings on each state page to a new format.  I think the new format is easier to read and easier to navigate.  The old format worked well when there were only a few cities listed for each page.  Now that my collection is crossing over the threshold from small to large, it was time for a change.

    I've added a rare uncut sheet from Cleveland Ohio to the rare and unusual scrip section.  This sheet has two versions of the 10¢ and 20¢ Put Cleveland to Work Society, Inc. notes.  Uncut sheets other than Pleasantville, New Jersey are very rare.

    Another large update to the website.  I've added 102 more depression scrip scans to the picture archive.

    New York - 23
    South Carolina - 3
    Oregon - 7
    Massachusetts - 46
    South Dakota - 1
    Missouri - 5
    Mississippi - 5
    Rhode Island - 6
    Minnesota - 5
    Ohio - 1

    Some highlights of these additions include two rare notes from Albany New York.  I also added 17 more notes to the Other forms of Scrip section and 1 more note to the Panic of 1907 section.  I've also added more misc. text all over the site.  There's still more to come, so check back often.

    I've added 56 more depression scrip scans to the picture archive.

    Texas - 9
    Utah - 4
    New Jersey - 31
    Oregon - 1
    Massachusetts - 1
    New York - 10

    Some of the hightlights include a very rare stamp scrip note from the Latter-Day Saints of Salt Lake City, Utah and a complete strip of Guardsman's scrip from Astoria, Oregon.

    Added several more items to the Letters and pamphlet list of the Memorabilia section.  Here is what was added:
  • Four new letters for Minneapolis, Ocean City and Palmyra
  • Pamphlet for Heppner Oregon sheepskin scrip
  • Handout for Roosevelt Day in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1933
  • Hickey-Niles Plan "credit-money" Pamphlet
  • Letter from John Kristensen - founder of Kristenstad, Texas
  • News article about John Kristensen and his settlement
  • News article about Kristenstad, Texas settlement
  • Pamphlet about the Kristenstad, Texas settlement

  •   03.19.2006
    Just some minor updates.  I've changed the banner at the top of the page.  I wanted to create something with a little more color to it.  I think that works.  I also added a few pictures above the menu on the left.  The biggest update is I added a Who Printed section.  It's just getting started, but this helps to answer a couple of email questions I've received as in what companies printed the many issues of depression scrip.  As I have more time, I will add comments about each of the companies.  Believe it or not, some of these companies are still in business today.  Other updates include additional minor text all over the site.  I'm slowly getting around to adding comments, notes, etc... to make it easier to understand what you're seeing.  Not just a bunch of pictures.

    More updates coming...

    I've added 26 more notes.  15 added to Illinois and 11 added to Indiana.  I have over 200 more notes scanned to be added to the site.  It's just a matter of finding the time to cut and resize the scans and then write all the webpages for the notes.  I'm going to try and add more this weekend.  Alot more work yet to go...

    Added 27 more notes to the picture archive.  Here's the list:

    Hawaii - 1
    Georgia - 5
    Idaho - 2
    Kansas - 1
    Maine - 9
    North Carolina - 9

    I also added 3 more notes to the Panic of 1907 section.

    Added 29 more notes to the picture archive.  Here's the list:

    Alabama - 2
    Colorado - 3
    Delaware - 1
    Kansas - 3
    Kentucky - 2
    Iowa - 17
    Nebraska - 1

    The Holdrege Nebraska note is also a printing shift error.  Also, the two added for Wichita Kansas are rare.

    Added 12 more notes to the Oklahoma page.  Including a rare note from the Cash Relief Trust of Oklahoma City.

    There are more updates coming in the next few days....stay tuned....

    I've added a great article written by Loren Gatch titled - "This is not United States Currency", Oklahoma's Emergency Scrip Issues during the Banking Crisis of 1933.  I highly recommend reading this article.  There's a ton of great information about depression money of Oklahoma.  This article was obviously painstakingly researched and written in a very logical and chronological order.  Well done Loren and thanks for letting me add this to my website.  Thanks also go to Mary Ann Blochowiak from the Oklahoma Historical Society for giving me permission to reprint the article as well.

    I've also updated the Panic of 1907 section.  I've added an introduction and brief history of this time period as well as more pictures of 1907 scrip.  This is not a normal area of collecting for me and therefore, I have a very limited personal collection for 1907 notes.  If anyone has any scrip from 1907 they're willing to let me add to the picture archive, I'm more than willing to give credit to the contributor(s).  Just send me a quick email of what you would like to add to the site.

    Minor update to the site.  I added three rare notes to the state of Minnesota section as a request to a fellow collector.  I added a ten cent note from Rolling Prairie, $1 stamp scrip from St. Cloud and a $1 note from Saint Paul.  All three of these notes are previously unknown issues unless someone can show me otherwise.  Also, the Saint Paul note has some interesting writing on the back.

    Sorry, I've been neglecting my site for awhile.  My day job keeps me pretty busy and I travel for months at a time.  Kind of nice for a change of scenery, but it's alot of work on the road and I'm away from friends and family for long periods of time.  The best benefit is I'm always lookng for a coin / currency show when I'm traveling.  Sometimes I get the chance to take a few hours and go to a local show whereever I'm at.  My day job gives me a chance to go to some shows I wouldn't otherwise get to see.  It has it's good and bad points...

    Anyways...I have 62 new notes scanned so far and about 200 more to scan.  Just as I'm about to catch up on scanning, I hit the road and then add a bunch more notes to my collection.  I'm not complaining though.  I'm guessing I should be making another major update this weekend.  Stay tuned....

    Fixed some miscellanous links and text.  I've also made the folowing changes:

  • Added a Panic of 1907 section - another forgotten time in history
  • Combined the Canada and Germany sections into a single Canada / Europe depression money catagory
  • Added a few more links to the links section
  • Added a commemorative set to the Alaska page issued years ago
  • Added a rare depression note to the Arizona section
  • Added 5 more depression notes to the Alabama section
  • Added 18 more depression notes to the California section

    It's about time I seperate out the 1907 notes from the 1933 notes.  I've been debating about this for some time because I don't have all that many in my collection.  If anyone has any 1907 notes they want to add to the picture archive, just email me.  Of course credit will be given to all who contribute.

    I've also started cleaning out all the miscellaneous notes and put them under the other scrip section where they belong.  When I first started this site, it was with a small collection and limited knowledge.  Now that I am more educated about what I collect, it's time to clean up the site.

    I'm amazed at how large this webpage has become.  I am now over 3100 files and more than 600 directories.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me build this site over the last four years !!

  •   10.16.2005
    I just added another article to the references section.  It's titled Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Depression Scrip by Lawrence Korchnak.  It's a great article about a very rare piece of depression money history.  Well worth reading this interesting article.  Also thanks to Wayne Homren from Numismatic Bibliomania Society for helping me get permission to reprint this article.

    Yet another major update to the site.  I've now completly added the Wooden Nickel section.  I've added 306 pictures accross 28 states including the Maverick (unknown location) section.    Ton's of new pictures.
    Here are the states with new pics:

    Arizona - 3
    California - 4
    Florida - 2
    Iowa - 3
    Illinois - 8
    Indiana - 6
    Kansas - 10
    Massachusetts - 3
    Maryland - 1
    Michigan - 25
    Mississippi - 1
    Montana - 1
    North Carolina - 4
    North Dakota - 1
    Nebraska - 1
    New Jersey - 3
    New York - 12
    Ohio - 24
    Oklahoma - 1
    Pennsylvania - 7
    South Carolina - 1
    South Dakota - 1
    Tennessee - 6
    Texas - 2
    Utah - 1
    Virginia - 4
    Washington - 5
    Wisconsin - 3
    Mavericks - 12

    Now it's on to scanning all the new depression notes and start adding them.  I've also got several other projects in mind.  I'm going to add a great article on Oklahoma's depression scrip as well as a few more references.  This site is getting bigger by the day.  I love the idea of so much info on depression scrip being in just one place.

    Major update to the Coupon Books section.  I've added 128 pictures accross 27 states, Canada, and one that's listed as a maverick (unknown location).    Ton's of new pictures.  Here are the states with new pics:

    Alabama - 1
    California - 1
    Colorado - 1
    Georgia - 2
    Illinois - 5
    Indiana - 4
    Kentucky - 3
    Louisiana - 8
    Michigan - 3
    Minnesota - 2
    Missouria - 1
    Montana - 1
    New York - 1
    North Carolina - 1
    North Dakota - 2
    Ohio - 9
    Oklahoma - 2
    Oregon - 2
    Pennsylvania - 1
    South Carolina - 2
    South Dakota - 1
    Tennessee - 1
    Vermont - 1
    Virginia - 1
    Washington - 2
    West Virginia - 1
    Wisconsin - 3
    Mavericks - 1
    Canada - 1

    Special thanks goes out to Dr. Hugo Godschalk and Ken Barr for contributing pictures of their depression scrip to my website.  Sorry guys, I should of thanked you quite some time ago for your contributions.  I'm trying to get this website finally brought up to date.  Always nice meeting fellow depression money collectors.

    I love collecting depression scrip!!

    More updates... I fixed even more of the missing picture icons.  Thanks to everyone who emailed me letting me know of the missing pictures.  I also added photos of my uncut specimen sheets from Detroit, Michigan.  Take a look at the Rare and Unusual page.

    I've also redone the Links page.  I've added a couple of new sections.  If you would like your webpage listed on my links page, just send me an email.

    I'm in the process of doing all the miscellaneous things to my site I've wanted to do for some time.  Once alot of these "little" projects are done, I'll get back to adding more notes to the site.  I have over 400 new notes that need to be scanned and added to the site.  Lots of rare notes, including some from Canada.

    I've done more housekeeping on the site.  The majority of the missing picture icons have been fixed.  I still have a few more states to do yet.  I also fixed some broken links.

    Also, I've updated the Checklist page.  Now all 50 states are listed.  Keep in mind this page is very large.  It may take a minute or two to open depending on your connection speed to the internet.  There are 3216 listings on the page so it's more than worth looking at.  The majority of this info was compiled by Ralph Mitchell and Neil Shafer.  My hat's off to them for the incredible amount of work it must of taken to compile this list.  Now, for me, part of the fun is being able to add to the list previously unknown scrip.

    Also, keep in mind that all pictures, text, everything on this website is copyrighted by me.  You can not use anything from this website, including the HTML code without my permission.  If you want to use a picture for an article or something, just send me a quick email.  I'm easy to get along with.

    More updates coming soon...

    Yes, I've been ignoring this website and my email for quite some time.  I've been very busy with work among other things.  Of course, who isn't?  I did take a brief break from collecting.  A good friend and very important source to my depression money passed away in February.  A very large wealth of knowledge passed away with him.  Tom was very quiet, but you could see the deep wisdom and knowledge in his eyes.  I always enjoyed talking to him because he always had something new to tell me about depression money.  After I got interested in depression money, Tom is the person that set my intersts into concrete.  He opened my eyes to a whole part of history that I never knew existed.  He inspired me to research more and start a collection.  Some of my first notes are from Tom.  That, in turn, lead to this website.  So now I can share the notes and information that has made depression money interesting to me.  Tom will be greatly missed by me and all who knew him.

    Rest in peace Tom.

    After taking over a year off, I'm now actively collecting again. I have at least 400 new notes to add to this website.  Just in the past few weeks I've bought over 600 new notes.  Some duplicates, but I can't resist a depression note.  So watch this website.  I've started making subtle changes here and there and started adding pictures.  Plus there are even more plans in the works for buying even more depression money.

    Can't wait - I LOVE depression money !!!

    I'm in the process of uploading updates to the site over the next few days.  Don't be surprised if you see some broken links here and there.

    Well, I have done a lot of scans.  I'm alot closer to the "big" update.  I have alot of things back on track now.  I have also come to realize that I have way too many extra notes.  I hate to sell or trade them away, but it also helps make room for other notes.  Depression scrip is my passion.  But, I also enjoy helping others collect so, I've decided to start selling off my extras on Ebay.  I also have tons of other things to get rid of, like the last of a coin collection, a stamp collection, and lots of other things stuffed away in the closet and everyone else.  Take a look at my user ID on Ebay - Depressionscrip - to see what I have up for auction.  If anyone has anything that they want to trade with me, just send me a quick email at rod@depressionscrip.com.

    Yup...very little updates.  Funny how work and other things get in the way of fun.  What happened to the days of being a kid and having no responsibilities.  Oh well, I'm slowly working on a major update to the site. I'm hoping to post it within a month or two.  I'm so far behind, that it's going to take a major effort to catch up.  Stay tuned...

    Yes, I'm still here.  I just never seem to have the time to work on this site.  I plan on getting some things organized so I can start spending more time on this site.  It has gotten well out of date compared to my collection.  For now, here's a list of updates this time around:

  • Added to the Depression Scrip: an Annotated Bibliography by Loren Gatch in the References and Articles section.
  • Added more to the Checklist page.
  • Added some more entries on the Depression Era Timeline.
  • Added a Coupon Book Section.
  • Added a Cardboard Token Section.
  • Added a Sales Tax token Section.
  • Added a Wooden Nickel Section.
  • Just some general "house-keeping" throughout the site.
  • Added miscellaneous text all throughout the site.

  •   12.01.2002
    Changed the whole website to a frames page.  This makes it much eaiser for me to update the pages.  I also believe that I'm coming closer to a webpage design that I like.

  • Added a Depression Era Timeline to the site.
  • Added more to the Checklist page.
  • Updated the letters page collected by and to B. J. Lazar.  All letters now online.
  • I've also picked up another 50+ notes from a trade show and from numerous other sources.
        They all still need to be scanned and added to the site yet.
  • I've also started putting together a list of extra depression notes I have that I would be willing to use as trade
        material for notes I don't have.
  • Added miscellaneous text all over the place

    And no, the NRA graphic at the top left of the page does not stand for National Rifle Association.  It stands for National Recovery Act.  This was a program implemented by President Roosevelt to help the nation out of the Depression era and get the economy back on track.

  •   11.18.2002
    Major update to the Checklist page.  I'm about 60% of the way through that list.  Lots of typing.  Don't be surprised if that page takes a little bit to load up.  Even though it's mostly text, it still takes some time to download.

    Also started adding a few of the letters addressed to B. J. Lazaar.  Very interesting reading.

    Just some cleaning up and some menu changes.  Added the About page, the checklist page, other page and related interests pages.  Most of these are just links to under construction pages for future use.  The checklist page has a very small list up and running.  I did that so I could see what it would look like on the site.  Feedback is welcome as always.

    Lots of new notes to scan and add.

    All up and running.  Let me know if you see any dead links or missing pictures.

    Whoops...ran out of disk space for my site.  Some of the updates below aren't available yet.  I just have to send a request to my host and it should be fixed by tomorrow night.


    Added another 67 examples:

    California - 13
    Iowa - 5
    Illinois - 20
    Rhode Island - 1
    New York - 2
    Wisconsin - 1
    Missouri - 1
    Pennsylvania - 5
    Washington - 8
    Michigan - 5
    Ohio - 11

    The link above is the only way to see the Rhode Island note.  Unfortunately my map gets a little small on that side to provide a clickable link.  One more thing on the list to fix eventually.

    Lots of great new notes added.  There were quite a few stamp notes added which most people consider to be the better collectibles.  The best set I added was LaHarpe Illinois.  This is a previously unknown set of notes.  They are definately Illinois and not Washington state because one of the 2 cent notes is printed Bank of LaHarpe Illinois.  Some really great stuff!

    I love this hobby!

    Slow going, but's here's what's been added so far:

    Others - 13
    Alabama - 6
    Connecticut - 1
    Florida - 3
    Idaho - 2
    Massachusetts - 1
    Maine - 1
    Minnesota - 1
    North Carolina - 1
    New Hampshire - 1
    Indiana - 5
    Tennessee - 2

    Lots of updates coming slowly over the next few days.  I have 154 more pictures to add to the site.  Once they are all up, I'll post a list of what states were updated.  Lots of good notes coming...including a few rare ones.  I even found a set of play money that was posted each week in the newspaper in 1933.  These are the actual notes cut from those newspapers.  How they survived all these years amazes me.  Lots of other good notes coming soon.

    All thumbnails now up and running.  Email me if you see any broken links.  I'll be checking all links over the next few days.

    Major update.  All pages have been changed over to the thumbnail format.  Don't be surprised if there are some dead links.  I haven't been able to check everything yet.  Also, the Michigan pages are not posted yet.  Only the thumbnail page is up.  I will get the rest of it done by tommorrow night.  Then I need to spend a few days cleaning up dead links and fixing little problems here and there.  Once that is all done, I can get back to the fun of scanning and adding pics and looking for more notes.  Can't wait...almost there.

    Not much to say other than I've been working on updating my site to the new format.  Lots of webpages to write.  I also have acquired a few more notes from various sources.  Can't wait for them to get here.

    I've been looking at changing the way my site is displayed.  A friend pointed out that my site is not very friendly to someone on a dial-up modem.  So, to address that, I've designed a new page.  Take a look HERE.  All links are active, so let me know what you think by sending me an email.  This is an example of a page when you click on a state.

    I like it and I think that's the layout I'm going to change too.

    Added 31 more pics to Michigan.

    Also added the Canada and the Europe pages.

    Added some more pics...

    Kansas - 1
    Nebraska - 1
    North Carolina - 6
    Ohio - 9
    Tennessee - 9
    Washington - 7
    California - 4
    Michigan - 1
    New York - 6
    West Virginia - 3
    Others - 4

    Updated the following states:  Alaska, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey.  Finally, they are all up and running.  Now I can get started on scanning in the new ones and posting those.  Still lots more to come...

    Updated the following states:  Kansas, Masachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia, Washington and Oregon.  The last 3 states, Michigan, Ohio and new Jersey are coming tommorrow.  Those are the 3 biggest collections I have.  Lots of work to get them online.

    I also added the references and articles section and I'm giving thought to adding a checklist of currently known scrip.

    Updated the following states:  Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    Updated the following states:  Idaho, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.  And yes, I am doing the easy ones first and saving the long ones like Michigan and Ohio for this weekend.  Keep checking back...lots more to come.

    Updated the following states:  Missouri, Arizona, Alabama, and California.

    Well, things didn't go as planned this weekend.  I intended to get the majority of the picture archive up and running.  Instead, I have all the generic pages up.  Took longer than I thought to create all those pages.  Anyways, the picture archive will come online this week slowly.

    This is just a temporary page.  There are lots of things coming but there's still alot of work to do.  The domain name is now up and running.  I'm hoping to have the majority of the site up and running, including the picture archive within a week.  Check back after the weekend for a major update.

    The site is finally up and running!!

    If you see anything that you think should be changed, or if you have anything to contribute,
    just email me at Rod@depressionscrip.com