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Depression Scrip: an Annotated Bibliography


Loren Gatch

Department of Political Science - University of Central Oklahoma



This annotated bibliography focuses on the varieties of scrip issued in the United States and Canada during the Great Depression. Since the topic of scrip is inseparable from other subjects, the materials described below range in character from economic theory and practice to political and social history. These subjects include: monetary economics; Depression-era policies concerning economic relief, recovery, and reform; labor relations; municipal finance; barter and self-help movements; and Canada's Social Credit movement. As such, this bibliography ought to be useful not only to collectors but to students and researchers of the Depression Era.

This bibliography makes no claims to completeness. It largely excludes the extensive journalistic attention given to scrip, and lists only the more substantial magazine articles on the topic. At the same time, it does include material that may not be explicitly about scrip, but which deals with closely connected developments such as the banking crisis of 1933, barter and self-help, and local responses to economic hardship.

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