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  Numismatic Links
     CoinZip.com - Highly recommend visiting this site.  Lots of great info including
          a chat page, and a FREE online auction site.  Where else can you find a free
          auction site for sellers?
     American Numismatic Association - Highly recommend joining this organization.
          Lots of great benefits including a subscription to the Numismatist magazine.
     Society of Paper Money Collectors, Inc. - I highly recommend joining this organization
          as well.  If you collect paper money, then this is the place to be.
     The American Numismatic Society - Very good organization for both U.S. and
          International collectors.
     National Scrip Collectors Association - An organization all about coal scrip and lumber
          tokens.  Also includes a subscription to Scrip Talk.
     Numismatic Bibliomania Society - A non-profit educational organization founded in
          1980 to support and promote the use and collecting of numismatic literature.
Also, the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, through Wayne Homren, publishes a weekly Internet email magazine called the E-Sylum.  There 's a ton of great information from fellow numismatic collectors of all types in it. And it comes in a convenient weekly email.  All subscribers are welcome to ask any question on numismatics.  My question on food stamp tokens was answered in 24 hours.  Some of the most respected people in numismatics are part of this email list.  Where else can you get access to so much knowledge and helpfullness from so many people so easily?  If you don't subscribe to The E-Sylum, I strongly suggest you do.  Just tell Wayne that Rod from Depressionscrip.com sent you.
     Old Currency Values - A new website with lots of great info on grading with examples,
          Large size notes, and National Bank notes.

  Auction Sites
     Coin Zip Auctions - The best FREE auction site for sellers. Coins, Stamps, Currency and alot more...
     Ebay - I spend way too much money and time here.
     Heritage Coin - One of the best nuismatic only auction sites on the web.

  Dealer Websites
     A & O Auctions - Great delaer with lots of notes.
     ATS Notes.com
     Bank Notes.com
     BankNoteStore.com - Great dealer for Worldwide notes.
     Cunningham Exonumia - .
     Coincats - A great site with lots of coin / auction catalogs for sale.
          Outstanding customer service and a great selection of catalogs and numismatic literature.
     Denly's of Boston - Lots of good notes here.
     Eyers World - Great dealer for Worldwide notes.
     Murphy Enterprises - Outstanding source for obsolete notes and depression scrip.
     Norm Boughton's Wooden Money - The best source on the web for wooden money.
          In my opinion Norm is the leading authority on wooden money.
     Oregon Pioneer Archival Supplies - Outstanding source for archival quality album pages,
          pouches and sleeves.
     Ron's Currency, Stocks & Bonds - Great website that also has a very nice museum.
     Sellitstore Obsolete Currency and Railroad Stocks - Great website and an honest dealer.
     World Exonumia - If you collect Exonumia, this is the person to talk to.  He collects and sells
          just about anything related to Exonumia.  He even does his own auctions.  This site
          is well worth checking out!

  Coin Club Websites
     Michigan State Numismatic Society
     Central States Numismatic Society

  Show Schedule Websites
     Michigan State Numismatic Society Show listings
     Coinlink Show listings
     Numismedia Show listings

  Numismatic News Websites
     Coinlink Numismatic News and Resources

  Local Currency Websites
     The Liberty Dollar - Currency that's actually backed by gold and silver.
     Ithaca Hours - Local currency for Ithaca New York.
     Flagstaff Neighborly Notes - No longer operating but the website is still up.
     The E. F. Schumacher Society
     Bay Bucks - Traverse City, Michigan
     BloomingHOURS of Bloomington, Indiana
     Calgary Dollars of Calgary, Canada
     Salt Spring Dollars
     Ithaca Hours of Ithaca, New York
     MadisonHours of Madison, Wisconsin
     Our Community Dollar or Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
     REAL Dollars of Lawerence, Kansas
     River Hours of the Columbia River Gorge, USA
     Toronto Dollars of Toronto, Canada
     Ukiah Hours of Ukiah, California - Never got off the ground, but the website is still up.
     Local Currencies of columbia County, New York
     Burlington Bread of Burlington, Vermont

  Other Websites
     Canadian Tire Money - Everything you ever wanted to know about Canadian Tire Money.
     Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors' Club - The name says it all.
     Lou's Coupons - One of the better Canadian Tire money dealers.

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