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Rare and Unusual...

Crescent City, California 1933
$.10 clamshell

Issued by Bruce W. Gause Insurance Co.

From the collection of Ken Barr Nuismatics

This piece is rare because clamshell money is impossible to find.  The majority of clamshell money was
issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Crescent City.  Very few businesses actually issued them.
This particular piece is very rare and may even be one of a kind.

Detroit, Michigan 1934 Uncut Specimen Sheets

These are very rare because the majority of them were cut up by both collectors and dealers
to be sold as individual notes.  I know of only a handfull of other sheets that exist.  If anyone has
any other uncut sheets of Detroit or any other depression notes, I would be very interested
to hear from you and see a picture of them.  Just drop me an email

$1 Series C

$5 Series C

$10 Series C

$20 Series C

Cleveland, Ohio 10¢ and 20¢ uncut sheet

Here is an uncut set of 10¢ red seal, 10¢ blue seal, 20¢ red seal, and 20¢ blue seal notes.  These are all set and ready to be issued.  They just needed to be cut apart and put into some lucky soles hands during the depression.  But, someone saved them before they were cut apart.  My guess is someone saved themselves a souvenir.  This sheet is stamped cancelled on the reverse.

10¢ and 20¢ uncut sheet - front

10¢ and 20¢ uncut sheet - back

Number of known examples to date:   6

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