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Other Memorabilia
related to the depression era

Here you will find letters, pamphlets, and news articles about depression scrip.  Most of the letters are direct requests from collectors during the depression era who had the foresight to try and preserve a piece of history.  Some of the letters are from people such as B.J. Lazar, W.O. Crosswhite, G.E. Miller, and Wallace H. Cathcart.  All these documents give a unique insight into the documentation behind depression scrip.  Lots of great reading in here...


  • The Shelby Shoe Company of Portsmouth, Ohio
  • Exchange Club of East Cleveland
  • The Elyria Chamber of Commerce of Elyria, Ohio   Page 1   Page 2
  • County of Cuyahoga, Cleveland, Ohio
  • The General Fireproofing Co., Youngstown, Ohio
  • The Time Publishing Company, Portsmouth, Ohio
  • City of Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • The Review, East Liverpool, Ohio
  • Community Finance Corporation, Massillon, Ohio
  • The Irving Drew Co., Portsmouth, Ohio
  • The Fisher Bros. Co., Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Kroger Grocery & Baking Co., Toledo, Ohio
  • City of Toledo Ohio
  • The City of Akron Ohio   Page 1   Page 2   Page 3
  • Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio
  • Board of Education, City of Akron, Ohio
  • The C. J. Hostetter Corporation of Massillon, Ohio
  • City Auditor, Elyria, Ohio
           - also shows the original letter that Mr. Lazar sent out.
  • The City of Elyria, Office of the Treasurer, Elyria, Ohio
  • Organized Unemployed, Inc of Minneapolis, Minnesota to G.E. Miller   Page 1   Page 2
  • Organized Unemployed, Inc of Minneapolis, Minnesota to B.J. Lazar   Page 1   Page 2
  • Roosevelt Day in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 1933
  • Department of Revenue and Finance, Ocean City, New Jersey to Wallace H. Cathcart
  • Borough of Palmyra, New Jersy to B.J. Lazar
  • Heppner, Oregon Sheepskin Scrip Pamphlet   Page 1   Page 2
  • Hickey-Niles Plan "credit-money" Pamphlet
  • Letter from John Kristensen - founder of Kristenstad, Texas
  • News article about John Kristensen and his settlement
  • News article about Kristenstad, Texas settlement
  • Pamphlet about the Kristenstad, Texas settlement
  • Letter to Sherriff  I.J. Hudson Sr. for Nokomis, Illinois scrip copies
  • Letter to Sherriff  I.J. Hudson Sr. for Minneapolis, Minnesota scrip
  • Letter sent to B. J. Lazar for Cadillac Michigan samples
  • Table indicating the total issue of Hamtramck Michigan scrip with serial numbers
  • Minutes of a meeting authorizing Thomas A. Edison Inc. to issue depression scrip
           - Signed by Charles Edison and Thomas A. Edison Jr. - the sons of Thomas Edison


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