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Coupon Books
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Another form of scrip that I think is overlooked.  There are some really interesting coupon books that played an important part of history.  The most common of these has to be the ice coupon books.  They were used when you wanted ice delivered.  Seems like everyone had a coupon book for ice.  I wouldn't be mislead by some people that call these coupon books depression scrip.  I don't think they qualify becuase the coupons were only good at the store that issued them.  In order for them to be listed as depression scrip, they would have to be redeemable at other merchants besides the issuer.

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Here is a pair of Icemen posing with their tools of the trade.

Here are some examples of ice signs.  You would hang your ice sign on your door or in your
window to indicate how many pounds of ice you wanted.  The number on the top
indicated how many pounds of ice you wanted delivered.

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Generic Ice Sign

Beard Ice Co.

Paducah Ice Mfg. Co.

Cincinnati Ice-Coal Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Pittsburgh Ice & Fuel Plant

Generic Ice Sign

Dillow & Mayhew

Eagle Lake Marsh Ice Co.

Nelson Ice Co.

C. H. Robinson Ice Company

Frontier-Kimmel Coal and
Ice Company

Lone Star Ice Company
Dallas, Texas

Benton Brook Ice Co.

Generic Ice Sign

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