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Welcome to my website...

    The main purpose of this website is to document depression scrip. The last documentation put together on depression scrip was a great book written in 1984 by Ralph A. Mitchell and Neil Shafer. In my opinion, it's the "bible" on depression scrip. But, it lacks a few things. There aren't as many pics as I would like to see. Plus, the pictures aren't as detailed as they could be. I understand the problems with publishing something like that. It would be 12" thick if there was as much detail as I would like to see. Still, it's the best book ever written. My hat is off to Neil Shafer and Ralph Mitchell for the unbelievable amount of research it took to write that book. Because of that book, I have a huge head start in collecting what I'm learning, is a forgotten piece of history.

    As for me, well, I've collected just about everything you could ever imagine. Coins, stamps, world paper money, national notes, post cards, baseball cards, football cards, records, beanie babies, trains, old books, bottles, etc... Yes, I'm a collecting nut and I have a problem just like my Grandfather before me. I've spent thousands of hours looking for depression scrip, not to mention the incredible amount of gas money spent driving from show to show. I also owe thanks to quite a few other people that have helped me along the way. With everyone's help both personal and professional, they have all helped in some way to make this website what it is. Some of these people are mentioned here and there on the site and others choose to remain anonymous in the background. Either way because of them and their willingness to share their time and knowledge, it's helped me put these collections together. So enjoy them and if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask me.

This website is also dedicated to the memory of my Mother...
Sara Josephine Charlton
Feb 7, 1944 to Nov 26, 2008

Rest in peace Mom....I love you.

I'm not sure what else to tell you... For now, here's Cocoa - the best cat that ever lived.

She was 21 years old when she passed away in October 2003 and was with me longer than any other pet.

    My Mom came home one day and told us over dinner how she saw this cute kitten at the mall that had a sign on it. It was going to be turned over to the humane society because noone wanted it. She said I should go buy it. It didn't take much to convince me. I went right after dinner to rescue her from that pet store and so the story began... Noone wanted the little scrawny kitten that was quite ugly. She had a pug nose but with alot of vet visits she grew into a very beautiful cat.

    She's tolerated a lot from my family. She's put up with over a dozen moves from Montana to Kansas to Michigan. She's even had to do without me while I was in the military. In later years, she had some major health problems with her kidney and liver and that's finally what did her in.

    She was a pest at times, but she was more than just a cat, she was family and she's missed every day. She lived well past her prime and in later years did nothing but spend time with me. I always looked forward to coming home every evening. I think she looked forward to seeing me just as much as I did her.

Rest in peace Cocoa.

    A couple years before Cocoa passed away, we got Tony. We took her away from her last family because they were tired of having a cat and all they did was let the dog chase her. Her life consisted of hating dogs and running from the kids top bunk bed to the food dish to the litter box and back. She was literally to the point that she thought she was a dog. She was a rough and mean cat, but if you kept the dog at bay, she would show you the cat inside and beg for attention.

    We took her home and taught her to be a cat again. She was alot of fun and she sure lived the good life for several years. She even got over her fear and hatred of dogs and could care less about them. Well, all dogs except for one particular dog. She even got along with Cocoa to a certain degree by each of them keeping their distance from one another. But, unfortunately several years later she developed cancer and had to be put to sleep in 2005. The cancer had spread all through her body including her milk glands. It was very tough to say goodbye to her as I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with her as I wanted too, but it was for her own good. She wasn't eating and she was having a hard time breathing. She didn't complain, but you could see it in her eyes that she was in pain but still very happy.

So here's Tony - the strangest cat I ever took care of...

    So, needless to say, we thought that was the end of having pets once the family dog passed away. But, I always wanted another cat but knew I could never replace the ones I had. I've always had a cat and certainly missed coming home to a cat.

    It was just over 3 years without a cat, so in January of 2008, we decided we were finally ready for another cat. This time we would adopt a cat from the local animal shelter to give someone in need a home. But after looking through the website Petfinder.com and settling on the Friends of Dearborn Animal Shelter, we realized why not two cats? We had two cats for several years. Even when they kept their distance from each other, we had plenty of room for them and they were both happy. So why not two cats that like each other and get along, that would be even better. So, we picked out Boris, the beautiful orange tabby with his classic markings. And when I went to meet him, in the same cage with him at the shelter was Memphis. Boris is extremely friendly and very outgoing. If you're willing to pet him, then you're his friend. But Memphis was shy. Once he let you pet him, you could see he was friendly and wanted to be pet so badly, but was very shy. They've been living together for several months so that was that. Here were two friendly cats in need of a good home and I had just the place.

    I went through the adoption process, and waited patiently to hear if I would be accepted. Sure enough, a few days later, they got to go home with me. After a quick vet visit for the latest shots and both being spayed, they have been settling in ever since. They do everything together and when one is off exploring, the other will go look for him. They hate to be alone and they certainly can play hard together. They have two different personalities, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Bringing these two home is the best decision I've made in years.

Here's Memphis - the brown mackeral and Boris - the orange tabby...


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