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Other Memorabilia
related to the depression era

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Printing plate from Brantford, Ontario, Canada

This is an actual printing plate that could of been used to make depression scrip.  This plate is for a note from Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  To date, this is still an unknown depression note.  No actual issues from the 1930's have been found.  Therefore, noone knows what the actual colors and paper stock was intended to be used for this note.

This plate has a unique story behind it.  The current owner purchased it from an older couple that wanted money to spend at a newly opened casino in Brantford.  The older gentleman said that this plate was given to him in the late 1930's as it was being sent to the trash can.  He's kept if ever since.  The current owner had 100 notes made from the plate and gives them away to various collectors and customers.  Pictured below is the actual plate and one of the notes the owner had made from the plate.

Thanks goes to Larry Laevens for giving me permission to publish these pictures and letting us see a very rare piece of history.  Thanks Larry !!!!

Picture of the actual plate

Picture reversed so you can read the writing

Sample note printed by current plate owner


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